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This painting was inspired by the impressionistic movement of the 20th century Europeans artist. This street scene was from Micís first trip to the Netherlands in 1995 Recently purchased by collector Raymond Rigazio Brewmaster Abbey Brewing Co. South BeacThis highly praised work has created a buzz of enthusiastic viewers. Their perception of who the Blue Smoker is - is still a mystery. Carlson leaves this one for the enticer. Its seductive and luring asking the question - Who is it?A unique concept falling on the fringes of a mosaic or stain glass approach. A favorite in the Micart collection.

Private collection of Raymond Rigazio Brewmaster Abbey Brewing Co. South Beach MiamiThis intense colorful painting is innovative and unique. The creation process conceived by Mic Carlson depicts the changing and growing community of Grand Rapids, Michigan. This painting entices the viewer to a closer more personal look.One summer in Saugatuck MI. at Mic's and Jhon Kleyn Gallery this paint was on exhibition and was well received. Carlson could have sold this painting three times in one afternoon.  A very happy Susan and Jack are the couple who bought the painting.This colorful painting will be a milestone as the future develops.A favorite in the Micart collection. Commissioned by Mr. Ray BeltsA heavy-handed palette knife technique with lots of oil paint created this colorful montage of Sir Elton John.

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