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About Mic

Born and raised in Grand Rapids, MI, Mic Carlson an eclectic artist whose passions for life and art are vividly seen in his colorful paintings, started his art career painting portraits. In 1999 Mic began painting depictions on the life of St. Francis. In 2001 Mic was inspired to work with wax, shaping it into the form of St. Francis.

In 2004 Mic was invited to the Basilica of St. Francis in Assisi Italy to exhibit 16 bronze statues during the month of October, depicting the life of St. Francis. The energy and passion felt during the exhibition was overwhelming as people from all over the world, an estimated 30,000, viewed the statues. It was this spirit that Mic dreamed of continuing and sharing with his hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. During the exhibition Mic was interviewed on Vatican Radio.

Mic studied in Italy, Germany and Greece painting on location. When traveling he loves painting in watercolor. Mic has a gallery "Micasso Productions" in the Waters Building in downtown Grand Rapids. His wide range of paintings and bronze can be viewed in this gallery. Mic also has a studio in Assisi Italy where he can venture out with his French easel and oil paints. On June 11th 2008 Mic personally gave a bronze statue to Pope Benedict XVI.

Mic is collaborating a combined St. Francis sculpture and photo exhibition throughout the United States, with Photographer Andrea Angelucci from Assisi, Italy. The exhibit will tour Franciscan Universities and Churches. He is also working on a project for the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi, where a life size bronze he is creating will be placed.

Artprize is a major art competition where over 1200 artists worldwide will exhibit their entry in Grand Rapids, Michigan from September 23rd through October 10, 2009. Mic has entered his life size statue of Saint Francis for this competition.

"I'm closest to God when I am painting or sculpting. It's like praying without knowing it. The creating process is irreplaceable. It's like a divine drug that only comes from God. I believe the source of my love comes from my work like a smile that greets a stranger or a hug that is always welcome. Needing to express myself through my art is an energy I cannot be without. I will continue to share joy and optimism through my creative source. Faith in what we do is so needed in the sharing."

  copyright © Mic Carlson, 2004