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An impressionistic self-portrait of Mic golfing with the Crystal Springs clubhouse in background.A heavy-handed palette knife technique with lots of oil paint created this colorful montage of Sir Elton John.This realistic montage portrayal of Charlie Chaplin is representative of Chaplin the moviemaker, the writer, the actor, the composer and director.  Mic intrigues the viewers to see the man behind the makeup.Eltons BandElton JohnThis portrait of Chaplin shows him with and without the eye Makeup.Painted for the Grand Rapids Symphony Chaplin Movie 2005 The Circus
Painted and Donated to the Broadway Theater Guild 2006 fundraiser. Also signed by Miss Debbie Reynolds.

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This collection of work are paintings of International and local celebrities who have been an influence and inspiration in Mic's life.

  copyright © Mic Carlson, 2004