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This Painting represents the beautiful colors of autumn, painted for and donated to the Children of the special art fundraiser 1998.This painting has changedI love this one. It has that nice feeling of spring or even the fall. I also like the subtle edge of the table or a horizon.
Private collection of Diane Schiff.Painted with a companion, Red Hydrangia gives the feel of Romanesque like setting.Painted with a companion, Blue Hydrangia gives the feel of Romanesque like setting.Painted with heavy paint and a cobalt blue background, it makes the yellow sunflower pop. This was the feeling Mic had when the Sunflowers were lit in front of the blue Italian horizon in Umbria.Still life with Mics Mask from Venice can you feel the moon?

Recently purchased by collector Raymond Rigazio Brewmaster Abbey Brewing Co. South Beach MiamiItís a still life but much more to see, just look.Sill life with Red flowers, this painting really shows the craftsmanship of Phil Wilsons pottery.Painted in memory of Philis Kampfschulte. The white Rose is Philis and the red roses are her friends.This painting Mic created for the Everyone Loves Flowers exhibition 2003.
This is in the Private collection of Mark, Kristen and Dillan. They also bought the original Old Men In Dam Square # 3 in the series     -see cat. AbstractThe 12th rose is the person who will own the original.Painted for

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Flowers are one of Gods special gifts and an endless source of inspiration.

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