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This photo was taken in Perugia Italy in 1995. This was taken two years before they stoped printing Guinness is good for you on the export bottles. It was a flash in moment with my two brothers Akim and Mark. As we walked down the street with our GuinnessMic took this photo in 2000. Following in the foot steps of his brother Johannes Schopf Mic model for St. Francis.Shot on 1995 on the Small island of Alonissos Greece. Photo of Mark Kersten founder of L.U.D.A (Living Under Dynamic Attitude)Shot in Rome in 1999 on Mic and Susan's European adventure.Shot in the bay in the Aegean sea on the island of Alonissos on Mic 30th birthday trip with Mark Kersen in 1995.


The camera is a traveling companion for Mic. His keen eye for composition allows him to take pride in the few pictures he has allowed here on his website.

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