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Painted for Susan in 2001 - a timeless pieceCommissioned by Mr. Jerry GarciaCommissioned by Mr. Bob BarraraA commissioned portrait by Mr. Brian EndresCommissioned by Dan Verhill a painting of his father John. God rest his soulPainting of Mic's old girlfriend Patrica.Commissioned By  Mr. (Leo) Tom ManahanCommissioned by Mr. Jerry garciaA very special painting in Mic's life. Recently purchased by Nancy Martin as a gift to her husband Cobby.Self portrait at 34A peaceful Moment. Bought by collector Nancy Dailey of Grand Rapids, MichiganPortrait of Mic and brother Steve. Painted for Mom and Dad. Gordy and Sue CarlsonPainting of Pinky - a dear old friend of everyone in Grand Rapids. God rest his soulPainting of Mic's (sister) Friend, Stacy Vits.Painted for Wanda Walczewski, Susanís mother, for her 90th birthday. God rest her soul. I love you Angel Wanda.Portrait of Mic's princess Susan EvangelistaPainted for Mic's Mother Sue Carlson. We miss you GrandmaOil painting of first born son of Corey and Sheri HeffronOil painting of second born child of Corey and Sheri HeffronOil painting of third born child of Corey and Sheri HeffronCommissioned by Mr.Pat Gearhart. This oil painting dipicts Pats dear friend Gary Engles. Gary expressing his Christmas joy with his friends at the Apartment Lounge in Grand Rapids Michigan. Pats dear friend Gary passed away a year ago.

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Portraits are a vital part of our history and represent the people of our times. Mic's portraits have been a culmination of personal family history for many families for well over a decade. For more information about Mic's Portraits.....Next

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